Nex 336

Nex 336 - Quadcopter Frame - Stretched X

  • Specs:
  • 8" props
  • Stretched X - Long range
  • 3mm top and bottom plate
  • 3mm split front and lower topplate
  • 5mm Arms
  • Fully adjustable FPV and GoPro mount
  • Supports up to 8" propellers
  • Standard PDB / FC Mounting
  • Motor to Motor = 336mm
  • Supports up to 4000Mah 6s Lipo's

New Nex336 quadcopter frame!

What is the Nex336 8" frame about?

The Nex336 8” is a strong stretched X quadcopter long range frame which can be used for acrobatic flying as well.

The frame is easy to build and for any assistant you can send me a Facebook message at the Stand-In Quad Design facebook page.
I am willing to answer any questions regarding this frame and giving support if needed.

14 frames have been sold so far and no arms have been broken, which proves the frame to be very solid.

With its 190grams of weight the frame gives you a strong and stable feeling for those who are flying long range.

The build of this frame is kinda straight forward, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me at the Stand-In Quad Design facebook page.

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Stefan van der Ende

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Stefan van der Ende

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